Woodcock Banding – An American Woodcock Society Film

Woodcock banding is probably the closest thing to actual upland hunting you can do in the spring, and is an extremely rewarding activity for any bird lover turned dog lover or dog lover turned bird lover, depending on the category of upland bird fanatic you place yourself in. Love for the dog work and love for the bird are the greatest drivers for the few hundred permitted individuals in Minnesota and Michigan who obsessively take to the dense covers where American woodcock nest during the spring. Ticks, poison ivy, indescribable mosquito hatches, and navigating the thickest of thick covers through thorns and eye-poking branches is not for the faint of heart, but once you hold a fuzzy timberdoodle chick in your hand for the first time, it is worth every moment of the search.

Grouse Hunting Video At Tim Pond Camps 2020 Parts 1 and 2

Bird Dogs Afield visits Tim Pond Camps in Maine For A Grouse Hunt. This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Series. Good action in both parts.

 Part 1


Part 2