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Back in the Northwoods! Early Season Ruffed Grouse Hunting with a NEW SXS! Video


Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock hunting this time of year brings challenges of warm weather and thick cover that can make getting shots on birds a humbling experience. Join us for a few days of hunting as we chase the king in early October. Before this trip I picked up a new shotgun to hunt with this fall, a Weatherby Orion Side by Side. At the end of the video I talk more about the new scatter gun, the chokes I'm using and the ammo I'm shooting this time of year!

Lake Superior Ruffed Grouse | The Flush: Season 13, Episode 2 Video


Bill Sherck joins two buddies to hunt for Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock along Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior. 







Ruffed Grouse Single Wall Decal


Maine Northwoods Ruffed Grouse Camp Video | The Flush: Season 14, Episode 4


Bill Sherck hunts for ruffed grouse in the remote Maine Northwoods with a dedicated group of hunters. It's a family affair, pitching a tent in the forest and chasing wild birds on public land.

Ruffed Grouse Single Wall Decal (Med Grey - Facing as Shown - Small) - Upland Game Bird Collection

Long Gone Setters on Late Summer Woodcock Video

Bird Dogs Afield visits Lloyd Murray of Long Gone Setters kennel. Outstanding pointing dog work by these well-bred English setters. This is a training session on late summer woodcock. A must watch for pointing dog enthusiasts. 

Ruffed Grouse Hunting 2013 - Michigan - Video

Ruffed grouse & woodcock hunting highlights from our 10th annual upland bird camp in Michigan. This compilation showcases the best shots and dog work of our entire trip. 9 men with 5 Gopro Hero cameras on head straps provided the footage for this video. 

Upland Bird Hunting in Maine - Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock - Video

Upland Bird Hunting in Maine from Pete A. Eising on Vimeo.

Upland Bird Hunting for Woodcocks & Grouse in Maine with a Small Munsterlander.
We went to several destination this year, Leen's Lodge, Bosebuck Camps and to Andover, ME.
Woodcock were not as good as last year but Grouse were plenty. In December we hit good Covers and flushed 17 birds on one day.