Innotek Customer Service

Innotek is pretty much out of the sporting dog business and concentrating on their inground fence deal. I am running a 1600 track and train and have been for the past 10+ years. At first I had a fair amount of problems but after a couple of years they upgraded the products and I have had good luck with them.

This past weekend I did have one of the tracking collars lose the tracking function. It wouldn't even make a noise when I turned the unit on. I called the 800 number hoping for some assistance but not really hoping for much. The took my call right away, confirmed that it wasn’t working correctly. Shipped my a new unit for $50. I got the unit in three days. When it arrived I needed help resetting the beeper tone options. Another call to customer support and they helped me out right away.

I’m bummed that they are leaving the business. At least I now have a new collar that should last a while. I usually am running two dogs and two collars at a time so they see a fair amount of use.

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