Ruffed Grouse numbers in Michigan better than what might have been expected

steve griffin

RUFFED GROUSE also come under Stewart’s purview, and he said that while the birds were expected to be nearing the bottom of their typical 10-year cycle of abundance, they may just be starting their rebound.

“Our drumming count was up 16 to 17 percent from last year,” said Stewart of the tally of males drumming wings above logs in hopes of attracting mates.

“There is a big difference between drumming counts, and production of young, and birds available to hunters in the fall,” Stewart pointed out, “but this may be the first year of an upswing” – a good year, maybe, to buy a hunting dog puppy.

“I tell people I think they may see about the same number of grouse as last year,” Stewart said, “maybe a few more.”

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