Where To Hunt Grouse and Woodcock - Wisconsin Interactive Hunting Tool - Mapping

The Fields & Forest Lands Interactive Gamebird Hunting Tool (FFLIGHT) was designed to help upland gamebird hunters locate cover suitable for ruffed grouse and woodcock, managed dove fields and properties stocked with game farm pheasants.

In recognition of the passion with which these hunters pursue upland birds and to help make their time in Wisconsin's outdoors more productive and enjoyable, the Wisconsin DNR has developed the Fields and Forest Lands Inventory Gamebird Hunting Tool.

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This tool allows hunters to quickly locate:
  • cover suitable for ruffed grouse and woodcock
  • fields managed for mourning doves
  • properties stocked with pheasants by the DNR
For instruction on how to use this great new tool please view this brief tutorial that highlights and shows how to use all these features.

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Mapping application features

Areas suitable for ruffed grouse and woodcock - Young aspen and lowland alder stands provide excellent cover for ruffed grouse and woodcock, and can easily be located on the map. For additional information on ruffed grouse hunting please visit ruffed grouse hunting.

For additional recreational activities on Public Lands please visit Public Access Lands Map.

See the original WI DNR Website

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